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How to Register for Online Graduation Registration



Online Graduation Registration 




How to verify the graduation requirements



Online Graduation Registration for Class L is Compulsory
Following are the instructions for "Online Graduation Registration for Class L"

  • The Commencement Exercise is scheduled on Saturday January 21, 2023 at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bang Na.
  • Prior to executing an online registration for their graduation, graduates are required to ascertain: 
    • Their fulfillment of the chosen and declared program and concentration’s requirements (in case the chosen program and concentration of which the requirements have been successfully completed were not declared, contact the Office of the University Registrar at either campuses to make declaration),
    • The accuracy of their academic records on the transcript. (Note: Transcript of academic records can only be obtained after the verification of the completion of the program and concentration’s requirements is finished, and their graduation status is confirmed and dated),
    • The correctness of their name and surname on the transcripta   If their name and/or surname were changed during the studies, and the changed name and/or surname have not been properly recorded at the Office of the University Registrar, graduates are obligated to submit the pertinent documents concerning the changes to the Office of the University Registrarb, and ensure that the changes have been correctly recorded by the Office of the University Registrar prior to the confirmation of their graduation status. Note: a) changing the said information after the confirmation and grant of graduation status is disallowed, b) the documents can be submitted at either campuses during the office hours,
    • Their library clearance for the unreturned books/text books, and other materials i.e. VDO/AUDIO etc. borrowed from the university’s libraries.
  • Additionally, Bachelor's degree graduates are also required to ascertain:
    • Their completion of the 8 Professional Ethics Seminar courses’ requirements. In case of doubts, contact the office of Theordore Maria School of Arts at St. Martin Center for Professional Ethics to clarify and verify the accuracy of the information (the office is at CL1002, 10th floor, CL Building, Suvarnabhumi Campus, Tel 0-2723-2140, or
    • Their loan clearance (applicable to graduates whose enrollments were on the University’s loan), by the Financial Assistance Division, 14th floor, CL Building, Suvarnabhumi Campus, Tel 0-2723-2277,
    • Their fulfillment of stipulated requirements of the university and/or the program’s scholarship. In case of doubts, contact the Office of the University Registrar, SM116, Suvarnabhumi Campus, Tel 0-2723-2673.

Remark: All the aforementioned graduation requirements must be completed by November 4, 2022 in order for graduates to be eligible to obtain Graduation Diplomas for class L and attend commencement exercise.


 Office of the University Registrar 
August 24, 2022